Recreational Club

The climbing club consists of recreational climbers who take up climbing as a hobby. We meet every Tuesdays and Fridays to climb together. Our members range in experience, from absolute newbies to competition winners. Some love the technicality of bouldering, others live for the highs of sport climbing. We take in anyone as long as they are willing to put in the time and effort to learn to climb, and share their psych.

We join forces with the IVP team to be the organizers of the biggest bouldering competition in Singapore: NUS Boulderactive. The competition attracts top regional climbers to travel to Singapore and compete on boulder problems set by world-class route-setters like Yuji Hirayama. On a smaller scale, we organise ClimbNUS - a climbing carnival for NUS students, staff, and faculty members. It’s a way for us to introduce the sport to our fellow students and hopefully, get a few of them interested in it in the process.

For our club members, we have a smaller internal club carnival where everyone comes together to climb on a number of preset problems, score some points and win some chalk. Unofficially, club members arrange trips to Dairy Farm and Malaysia to climb outdoors. There are frequent trips to external gyms. It’s all fairly chill and relaxed.

Official Club

Club Events