Climbing Courses

The club conducts climbing courses at our UTown wall. These courses are conducted by certified instructors, in accordance to Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS). Participants will receive a certification card upon passing the course.

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SNCS Level 1 (one-day course)


  • Registration: Click the image to sign up.
  • SNCS Level 2 (two-day course)


  • Climbing equipment, EXCEPT shoes, will be provided (i.e. harness, belay device, rope)
  • Registration: Click the image to sign up
  • 1. SNCS Level 1 Certification
  • 2. Minimum Proficiency: You must be able to top-rope a 6A route comfortably (This is only a guideline). If you are not able to do so, I do not recommend going for the course.
  • Our SMF-certified instructors reserve the right to fail any participants if s/he fails to display the necessary techniques with confidence.

  • **No changes or refunds will be entertained upon payment made for set date unless valid reason is given at least three days before course date.

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    General Course Information

    Guide to Registration

    1. Fill in the form linked to the course info above.
    2. Our coordinator will contact you within 3 working days if you are allocated a slot, or if you have been placed on the holding list.
    3. Slots are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
    4. Follow the instructions to complete payment.
    5. Failure to complete payment within 1 week will result in forfeiture of your slot.
    6. Your slot is only confirmed upon successful payment.

    Things to Bring

    Rental for all equipment (ropes, harnesses, belaying device, shoes) will be covered under the course fee. There will be no extra charges.

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    SNCS Sport Climbing Level 1

    The purpose of this course is to give participants an enjoyable, safe, and informative introduction to sport climbing. The course is designed for people with no prior knowledge of sport climbing. Participants will be introduced to: (i) climbing equipment, (ii) climbing techniques, (iii) checking procedures, (iv) belaying for top-roping, and (v) climbing calls.

    Prerequisite: Participants must be at least be 13 years old.

    To pass the course, trainees must demonstrate the following course requirements:

    1. Correct harness usage;
    2. Correct tie-in technique using the figure-of-8 knot;
    3. Correct belay technique using a friction device;
    4. Correct use of climbing calls;
    5. Perform pre-climb checks;

    The following will be taught during the course:

    1. Introduction to the Sport of Climbing
      • Development of climbing in Singapore
      • Concept of climbing
        • Traditional climbing
        • Sport Climbing
        • Bouldering
        • Lead / Top-rope

    2. Introduction of Climbing Equipment (usage, care, limitation)
      • Ropes (Dynamic & Static)
      • Harness
      • Carabiner
      • Friction belay devices
      • Climbing shoes
      • Helmet
      • Chalk
      • Others (i.e. Quickdraws, Sling/Tape)

    3. Tie-in Knot (usage, limitation, dressing)
      • Figure of Eight thread-through

    4. Belaying Technique (5 steps belay) using friction devices
      • Belaying a climber
      • Lowering a climber
      • Belaying stance
      • Arresting a climber's fall
      • Rope handling & management

    5. Basic Climbing Technique
      • Use of handholds - pinch, grip, underhand, side pull, sloper, pocket
      • Use of footholds - edging, smearing
      • Basic wall configuration - corners, overhangs, slabs, roof

    6. Top-rope Climbing
      • Pre-climb checks
      • Climbing commands
      • Spotting
      • Safety considerations - pendulums, falling on other people, rope placement, buddy check

    7. Course Review
      • Suggestions for further advancement
      • General discussion and feedback

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    SNCS Sport Climbing Level 2

    This course is designed as a follow on from the Sport Climbing Course Level 1. This is a 2-day course that builds on the top-rope skills acquired from Level 1 and teaches a progression into lead climbing on artificial climbing walls. Participants on this course should be confident in all the techniques covered at Level 1 before undertaking this more advanced level course. Participants are strongly recommended to be sufficiently skilled to comfortably climb French grade 6a (YDS 5.10a) routes before signing up for this course.

    Prerequisite: Participants must be at least be 13 years old and possess SNCS Level 1 certification.

    To pass the course, trainees must demonstrate the following course requirements:

    1. Confident with lead climbing on an easy route;
    2. Correct placement of protection points on a lead climb;
    3. Correct belaying of a lead climber using a friction device;
    4. Correct top-out technique on fixed anchor;
    5. Conduct proper pre-climb checks;
    6. Correct use of climbing calls
    7. Safe equipment handling<;/li>

    The following will be taught during the course:

    1. Introduction to Lead Climbing
      • Top-rope climbing vs. lead climbing;
      • Placement of protection points;
      • Understanding fall factor and impact force;
      • Understanding the anchor system on artificial wall

    2. Equipment Required for Lead Climbing (usage, care, limitation)
      • Dynamic rope vs. static rope;
      • Harness with gear loops;
      • Quickdraws; (Runners)
      • Slings/tapes;
      • Friction belay devices - (Fig.8, Tubular);
      • Helmet

    3. Knots (usage, limitation, dressing)
      • Double Figure of 8 knot;
      • Tape knot

    4. Belaying a Lead Climber using friction devices
      • Giving slack & taking-in;
      • Belaying stance;
      • Arresting a climber's fall;
      • Dynamic belaying;
      • Rope handling & management

    5. Lead Climbing & Techniques
      • Pre-climb checks;
      • Clipping in techniques/prevention & undo "Z" clips;
      • Runners' placement/direction;
      • Climbing on overhangs & roofs;
      • Safe falling position;
      • Climbing commands;
      • Safety considerations - hand & foot placement to avoid rope burns, skipping runners, falling on lead, buddy checks

    6. Top-out Technique

    7. Course Review
      • Suggestions for further advancement;
      • General discussion and feedback