Climbing Courses

Learn to Climb

Our climbing courses are open to everyone! Join us, and learn to climb and belay safely. Step out of your comfort zone, and get ready to walk away with your arms feeling pumped!



Are you ready for the BIGGEST bouldering competition in Singapore? Boulderactive 2017 returned with some of the biggest names in the climbing world. Want to be part of this history-making competition? Keep watching this space!.

Club Events

Go Competitive

So you have experience in climbing. Do you yearn for more psyche? Or training partners? Or bigger challenges? Come climb among the best. Take part in the team trials and prove yourself worthy.

Club Membership

Be Like Tong

Can you do several 1 arm pull-ups? No? Neither can I. Join us and you can train next to our very own Open Men Champion Tong, and one day, you'll attain 10% of his greatness. Stop hesitating, because Champion Tong is waiting for you.