Membership slots will be open during the upcoming Student Life Fair!

Kindly continue watching this space for more information.

Participant spaces will be opened for exchange students and graduate/post-graduate students. Kindly note that we will no longer be opening slots for staff.

I don't know how to climb, can I join?

Definitely! We'll teach you the skills if you're willing to put in the time and effort. Strength isn't a pre-requisite to start climbing - passion is.

How many members do you have?

At the moment, we have about slightly less than 150 undergraduates climbing with us.

Why do you limit the amount of memberships?

Our club grows expontentially year after year. As big as our current facilities at UTown and University Sports Centre are, these facilities can only accommodate so many people without compromising the safety of our climbers. Hence, the club will only take in as many new members as we can safely support whilst also ensure that our members enjoy greater access to these facilities.

I'm an exchange student, can I join?

We have reserved a number of memberships for exchange students. When our current exchange students leave us after a semester, we'll open those spaces at the start of each semester for new exchange students to join.

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