teamNUS Climbing AY18/19

IVP Team

NUS Climbing Varsity Team

As a TeamNUS Varsity Sport, the competitive team comprises athletes that are driven to realise their potential and committed to translate this into results. With our dedicated coach and a structured training programme, we aim to prepare our climbers for exciting year-round climbing competitions (about 5 annually). We are proud to carry the NUS name in every competition as NUS Varsity Athletes.

Join us if you are a thrill-seeker. Join us if you want to push your physical and mental boundaries. Join us to do the unimaginable.


Our family of climbers meet up thrice weekly (usually twice on weekday evenings, once on Saturday morning) for training (sometimes more, because we cannot stop climbing) which are held both in school and in external climbing gyms. Depending on our training phase, we train to be all-rounded climbers with fantastic technique, amazing strength, great endurance and explosive power.

Through our training, you will be exposed to both forms of sport climbing, bouldering and lead climbing. Where possible, we bring the team outdoors to climb on natural rock, where climbing originated.


Trials are usually held a week after Semester 1 begins. We welcome all to our trials including students with no prior experience. We are always scouting for talented individuals who are instinctive about their body movement on the wall as well as those who are passionate about the sport. For those with prior competitive experience, your routes will be set depending on your competition category.


An annual year-end trip is organised for team members to experience climbing outdoors and to bond with the team – always an unforgettable experience. Subsidies are granted by the Sports and Recreation Office depending on the trip’s location and the results produced by the team that year. Over the last few years, our team has experienced bouldering outdoors in China, India, Thailand and the Philippines. Our trip will also feature RnR activities (although the entire trip feels like RnR since climbing is so much fun!).


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